Study in France - a general overview

General Information

Studying in France is one of the most popular destination nowadays. Students can experience amazing French culture in their daily life. France has been becoming one of the most preferred location for higher studies by international students mainly Indians, because it allow students to stay in France for two years. 

Cost of living

Majority of institutions in France are state-funded, which means one can pay tuition fee 200€-300€ per year, depending on the level of study. There are majority of business schools which is privately owned and tution fee for Non EU citizens can exceed 13,500€-19,000€ per year. Expenses depends on where you study in France and the type of accommodation you are in. The average monthly expenses for a student is nearly about 600€-700€. Student can take privillage of CROUS which will cost 300€-400€ for a month.

Working in France

Students are legally allowed to work up-to 20 hours per week during their course of studies. It might be difficult for students to find part time jobs as majority of people speak french language. If you want to support yourself financially you should have a good knowledge of french. There are few restaurants and shops where you can try.


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Edited By: Sourav Choudhury