[Blog] From Paris to Delhi during Corona

A few days ago, I could only see Chinese and Japanese wearing the mask. I thought that they are scared way too much. Now I know, They already faced something that we are facing now. I did not take it seriously and was joking around about it. I realized the seriousness of the situation when saw the news that more than 800 people died in Italy. 

I landed in India yesterday. For the reference. Gujarat, one of the 29 states, has a similar population as Italy. Upon landing, people coming from the COVID affected area were asked to wait at the airport for a few hours (without food and water). I also remember a remark from a lady working at the airport that "Tum log toh coronavirus se maroge". Later on, we were taken to a facility in Narela near Delhi. The quarantine facility was furnished in one day and the workers were still cleaning the facility. The cleaning staff was working hard but still was not able to clean the whole facility because of the last moment rush. It was definitely not a good experience staying there. In terms of medical checkup, the doctors took our temperature twice in 24 hours and let us go as all of us were healthy and none of us showed any symptoms. No samples were taken or tested. We desperately wanted to leave the facility as it was not a hygienic place to live.

The problem starts from here, the symptoms may show anytime between 3-14 days. We signed a self-declaration form stating that we will self-quarantine for 14 days. Some of us also received a call from the nearest health official asking for our health status. This will be a test of morality for all the Indians coming from the affected regions and Indians staying here who are already showing symptoms. Even if it's not fatal for young people, we could infect someone who may be at high risk. If we fail, it could be 800 per State

I tried to make this post as neutral as possible. Just sharing the facts. It's for you to judge what went wrong.