Passport Renewal

Renewal of passport-How to get Passport

In this article you will find all the information regarding the renewal of Passport: -

  1. If there are no more enough pages in the current passport.
  2. If the passport holder has lost or damaged their passport.
  3. If the passport has expired (visas/residence permit/receipt is also expired).
  4. If the passport has expired (with valid visas).
  5. If the name of the spouse is to be added or deleted.
  6. If the passport holder has changed his / her first/last name following marriage, new marriage, divorce, death of the spouse, etc.
  7. If the passport holder has changed their first/last name for another reason.
  8. If the passport holder has changed their signature.
  9. If the passport holder has changed address.
  10. If the passport holder has changed appearance.

The process is very easy. You can do it online within a few minutes.

Step 1. Go to the website below, and select the region/country from where you wish to apply:-

Step 2. Create your account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Once your account is created, fill the online form according to your situation then click “Save & Continue”

Step 4. Once you filled all the forms save the pdf file, take a printout

Step 5. Depending on your case you may need additional documents, which you can find here

For example: - If your passport has been expired in that case for the renewal of the passport just follow instructions online and fill the forms. Then according to this case, we can download the required documents for renewal of passport which is:- Declaration Certificate, Annexure M, Personal Particulars Form.

Please Note: - Once you fill an online application form, you must send your file within 20 days. However, if your application reaches at VFS after the period of 20 days they will not be able to access your information because it will have been deleted from the server. So, you must apply and fill the forms again.

Processing time: -

In Paris, if your file is complete the processing time would be one week. However, if your file is incomplete it will take about much more time.

In Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, the processing time is 2 weeks. And if your file is incomplete it will take much more time.

What are the documents required according to each case?

Just click on the link below, you will get the list of documents required as per your case: -

To obtain “No Objection Certificate” click below


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