Part time jobs : which type of jobs and how to get there

As a student visa holder, you have the right to work part time, 20 hours a week. Going by SMIC (France’s minimal hourly salary as per law) you will earn 7.83€ an hour. Thus, if you are working for the full 20 hours, you will earn 156.60 euros a week, that’s a little less than 700 euros a month. This is net salary. 

We will see how you can get a part time job in this article. Your level of French and at times, your presentation and personality will decide whether you get a job or not. Hence, as suggested earlier, think about taking at least a few months of course in the nearest Alliance Française before coming to France, that will make your job search much easier.

Since you are more comfortable speaking English and your French is not as good, try in the tourist areas first. There, shop owners look for English speaking workers to serve the foreign tourists. 

Where to look

Restaurants, bars and food centers: Try restaurants, bars, cafes, pizzaria and all sort of food centers like Mc Donald, Domino, KFC, etc.

You can also try in the kebab shops that you will find in every corner of the street but remember that they tend to pay you much cheaper than the legal rate.

Babysitting: If your English is very good, you can try to be a baby sitter. This job is mainly for girls, and chances are that if you are a guy, your requests will be rejected. There are a lot of places in the net to look for this job, one of them is Speaking agency.

Supermarkets: Supermarkets take part time employees sometime (it can be odd hours as well, like a job starting at 4 in the morning) to prepare their shop before clients start coming, or for carrying their products from the store to racks.

Beauty parlors: Another sector for girls. There are many Indian beauty parlors here who look for part time girl workers. If you have learned some work before coming here, your chances of getting something is higher.

Rgis: Many has told that Rgis is a very good place for students to look for part time jobs. However, Rgis are always outside of Paris. And, you either finish very late in the night or start very early. In either case its when there is almost no public transport is available.  Keep this in mind while thinking to work with Rgis.

Net vs Brut salary

France has a concept of brut and net salaries. Net is what you get in hand, and brut is often what your employer announces while promoting a job vacancy. To be sure, ask your future employer if what he is offering is net or brut. In case your employer is proposing a brut salary, deduct 23% from the announced salary to get the approximate net salary. 

Beware of scams and dishonest opportunities

Be careful about scams. There are plenty of scams happening in Paris and many have fallen victim to these. Do not pay anyone to get a job, irrespective of how convincing the person is.

Besides, there are shop owners who are used to take employees without giving a contract or pay a hourly rate much lower than the legal rate. There have been cases where employees were not paid at all after one or two months of work.

It’s illegal, but rampant and students or immigrants in difficulty are exploited. In case of any doubt regarding your job opportunity, do not hesitate to ask in our social media community

Author : Sourav Choudhury

Sourav Choudhury is a social entrepreneur living in France since 2003 and working for the cause of Indian community of France, since 2007. He is founder of multiple projects: the largest social network of the Indian community of France, a French language school for english speaking expatriates, this website, and few other projects.