OFII - a gereral introduction

What is OFII ?

OFII stands for Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration. In order to study in France International students, that do not have french level have to fulfil few reuirements. First, access to acquire higher studies in their country of origin and must have knowledge of French language. Second, depending on the situation student will have to enroll directly in a institute/School in France. Afterreceiving the acceptance letter from a concerned institute/school the french consulate wll grant you a student visa. Earlier, students get OFII form along with visa only. But now the process has been completely changed. The OFII is now called Visa Validation and is done online. After your arrival in france, within the first three months you have to validate your visa. Earlier, the process has been done through paperwork. In which, there are chances of delay. Now the process is completely online.

Visa Validation process for Students:-
Since February 2019, the process has been changed. You have to do it online. The process was very long and complicated, earlier. We had to wait for three months to have the OFII stamp. Moreover, sometimes the letter to inform you about your appointment date were lost which causes a big trouble to students. To make it easier for students, now the whole process is Online. To validate your visa follow the address: OFII - how to apply

Documents that you need to provide:-
· Valid Email address
· Visa Information
· Date on which you entered France
· Home address in France
· Payment Card- To pay the online fee (60 euro) for the inssuance of your residence permit.

Please Note:- Once you fail to validate your visa within 3 months, you will no longer considered a legal resident in France and will be unable to re-enter the Schengen Area.

Why do you need it ?
Visa Validation is a step to covnvert your visa into a student residence permit. After validation, you can stay in France for your entire validity period. Also, you can leave France beyond the three months of your arrival without even asking for a visa to come back. Lastly, you can travel in other parts of Europe.


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