Important websites and telephone numbers

  1. Doctolib, the website which connects you to French doctors. There are over 80,000 doctors listed here.
  2. SOS Medecins, doctor's association whom you can contact for a consultation if you cannot find someone using Doctolib. You may need to create an account with SOS Medecins, it is advised to do it now without waiting for the last moment.
  3. 01 47 07 77 77 - general number of SOS Medecins if you are in or around Paris and want to talk to someone to get get appointment with a doctor. Local telephone number for people living outside the zone of Paris can be find in their website.
  4. A website that gives you information on doing everything online.
  5. French government's website which is giving all information on Corona Virus. 
  6. A website that helps us to understand whether our symptoms are connected to Coronavirus.
  7. Stay connected with community members & do not miss any information. Join our discussion platform if you are not there already. We are over 30,000 here.
  8. This website. Save this link and keep visiting regularly for authentic updates which you can trust.
  9. 08 00 13 00 00 - open 24 * 7, this is the support number by the French government for all Corona related information. But remember, they are not doctors.
  10. 15 or 112 or 114 - these are emergency numbers where you can contact if your situation becomes bad (difficulty in respirating) or when your your doctor suggests you. Some of them do speak English, so do not hesitate to ask.
  11. 01 46 21 46 46 : SOS help - a telephone based psychologial support service, from 5pm to 9pm for English speakers.
  12. List of volunteers whom you can contact in case you are sick and not comfortable with your French.
  13. All about the attestation you need to go out during the Corona related restrictions.
  14. Helpline numbers from MEA: +91 11 23 01 21 13 41 04 / 79 05.
  15. 07 51 28 67 41, 06 48 34 00 63: helpline numbers from the India embassy of Paris. Contact e-mails:, 
  16. +91 11 43 19 62 50: if you are a French living in India, this is your helpline number promoted by Emmanuel Lenain, the French ambassador to India.
  17. Website of the ministry of health, India is here.
  18. Covid 19 dashboard from India.
  19. John Hopkins Covid 19 dashboard for the world.

Author : Sourav Choudhury

Sourav Choudhury is a social entrepreneur living in France since 2003 and working for the cause of Indian community of France, since 2007. He is founder of multiple projects: the largest social network of the Indian community of France, a French language school for english speaking expatriates, this website, and few other projects.