Dependant visas for spouse of salaried employees

This process concerns to salaried employees working in France and would like to invite their spouse to France to live with them AND have work permits. Students cannot get their spouse as dependants. Only long stay visitor visas are possible, check
Dependant visas also covers minor and major kids. (If somebody wants more details on that, this document will be updated later)
There are two major kinds of work permits. 1) Carte de séjour Salarié. 2) Passport talent. (I’m not aware of the process for salarié en mission as the companies usually process this).
The below process is for Salarié visa holders (check your carte de séjour for visa type).
There are some criteria to fulfil before you get to invite your spouse.
  1. You (not your spouse) must be residing in France for at least 18 months (with a salaried visa, student or visitor).
  2. Ofcourse you must be salaried and hold a salaried visa status (which is above minimum limit of 2280 euros gross monthly salary) - part time jobs, student visa jobs won’t apply.
  3. Should hold a residence/studio/apartment as per local Townhall requirements. (12m2 per head is a safe minimum value)
  4. Must apply for OFII’s approval ( by filling a form and sending some documents to OFII - details in the link above.
This process is a long one and sometimes takes around a year to get the acceptance from OFII, with that the spouse can apply for the visa outside of France (India or anywhere else they reside currently).
The below process is for passport talent visa holders.
Good news - Passport talent visa holders do not have some of the above criteria.
The criteria to be followed by passport talent holders:
  1. Should hold a residence/studio/apartment as per local Townhall requirements. (12m2 per head is a safe minimum value)
  2. Have a carte de séjour passport talent - NOT récépissé.
Documents required for visa application at the residence country of the spouse.
  1. CERFA form
  2. Marriage certificate (English and translated version in french) ,
  3. Home contract (electricity bill)
  4. 3 photograph as per French specification norm
  5. Your documents (one who already has passport talent visa) - Job contrat , Payslips, Carte de séjour photocopies.
Usually it takes around 2-3 weeks from India to get the passport talent visa for the spouse. Once they arrive here, they can apply for social security through CPAM and will already have work permits so can start working immediately if they find a job.
Thanks to Manoj Prashanth because of whom and his comments, I wrote some of the above points