CAF - general introduction

CAF stands for 'Caisse des Allocations Familiales' and it is a part of Government that helps families and students by offering different type of aids. If international students have valid residence permit they are entitled to housing allowance.The amount depends where you live and how much you pay monthly rent. To receive housing assistance, your lease and rental receipts must be made out in your name. 

Who can apply ?

1. Those who are currently renting an apartment or sharing with someone.

2. You have a student resident permit (Long Term)

3. You have to live it in at least 8 months in the year because student rental agreement has a 9 months duration. If you are sub-renting your apartment you will not get CAF facility since the rental contract has to be in your name.

4. You have little or no means of financial support.

How to apply ?

As soon as you move in apply for CAF. You can apply online on the website and If you are a student you can contact your college they will help you or else you can go to your nearby Caf office.

If you are a Student, before applying make sure that your address is correct, your owner or rental agency's contact information should be there and how much you pay monthly rent. You will need your Bank details (RIB), the amount of your financial means, and your parents’ benefits recipient number, if applicable. You will get Caf the month after you move in. For example, if you move into your accommodation in January and apply for housing aid straight away then your first payment will be made in the starting of February. Apply as soon as you move in. For more information, log on to

You will find the housing allowance guide enclosed.


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