CAF - Do's and Don'ts

CAF - Caisse des Allocations Familiales

It is a facility started by the French Government so that all different kinds of people can support and help their family’s and parents. For EU-Students or Non-EU students, it so helpful, as it gives financial support.

The application process might be difficult for the students, especially as it is in French. But do not worry, you can follow my first article “CAF- general Information”. You will find the attached pdf file under the name of the “Housing Allowance Guide”. Click on the file and simply follow the steps.

Remember, the amount of CAF depends on the type of accommodation you are in. For example, When I was studying in Rennes, I was renting an apartment in Appartcity. The rent was 620€ / month. I used to get CAF of 171€. So, it totally depends on the type of accommodation you are in and the rent you are paying. A part of your monthly rent will be deposited into your account. Anyone can use this facility. But you should have valid Contract on your name and documentation, only then you are eligible for CAF. Students from any country can apply for CAF. If you have any problem in applying for CAF, simply visit your nearby Caf office, they will help you individually. Carry all your necessary documents with you. 

List of the Documents: - 

  1. French bank account
  2. Housing contract, Proof of income from the last 2 years (if you have)
  3. Apply as soon as you move in
  4. Identity proof- Passport
  5. Valid visa/Residency Permit
  6. Translation of your Birth Certificate in French

This is possibly one of the most generous benefits for international students in France. One of the most important things here is that try to move in at the beginning of the month and if you want to move out, try to do so at the end of the month. And if you have any problems with your applications try to contact the CAF office itself. 


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