Indian doctors' views on Corona

This audio has come from India, from a doctor who do not wish to be named. Listen to him (plays only in a computer) ! 


Progression of symptoms, as per the above audio :

3 Mild fever with cough and itchy throat
4 Mild headache on and off
5 Gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea or cramps, headache wiill be there and fever may increase
6 More body pain, headache will reduce, diarrhea may increase or decrease, loss of apetite, upset stomoach
7 same as day 6
8 Symptoms will reduce for most, lower fever, lower body pain, energy will come back, Cough will persist with running nose

Now as per the above audio, if by the 8th day our situation improves, this will indicate that our body is winning over the virus. On the contrary, if by the 8th or 9th day, our situation worsens, we should call the emergency.

PS: Please note that the above analysis of the audio is for reference only. I do not have any medical knowledge to validate or refuse content told in this audio. You should call a doctor or emergency when you feel it is time for it.


Later, Satheesh Soupramanien from the community sent me one video, an interesting one, which I thought people should see. This is from an Indian doctor based in California, Dr. Palaniappan Manickam. I looked for him in Google and found multiple links. 

Author : Sourav Choudhury

Sourav Choudhury is a social entrepreneur living in France since 2003 and working for the cause of Indian community of France, since 2007. He is founder of multiple projects: the largest social network of the Indian community of France, a French language school for english speaking expatriates, this website, and few other projects.