Indians in France

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A people helping people project that has impacted thousands of lives since its inception‬

Dear friends, this site is under reconstruction. Lack of time and budget it making it longer. Meanwhile, I welcome you to discover existing parts.

  1. Facebook group - we have a vibrant facebook group, with close to 14000 members. Do visit if you have any question :
  2. Accomodation in France - this is a very nascent project, depending on responses, this part I will build :
  3. Indian events in France - please post all events that addresses the Indian or Indophile community here : Little India
  4. Indian Magazine - this is also a new project, wish to make a magazine for our community : Namasté
  5. The original forum - if you want to have a look at the first forum with which the project started. Its full of spams now, so you need to dig a bit to get the diamonds. I wish to clean the spams oneday and have the site user ready once again :

Best regards
Sourav Choudhury
Indians in Paris / France